HP provides high-quality wireless printers for home and business. HP wireless printer allows a user to print their crucial documents and files wire-free. During the whole process, you just need a power cable that you have to plug in the power outlet. HP printers let you print anything from the different corners of your house. The HP printer needs to be placed at the center of your home. You can also keep your HP com wireless printer on another floor but you have to make sure that it is connected to the home network. Read the complete blog to know the process of the 123 HP com wireless printer setup. 

How to install a HP Wireless Printer?

Here are easy instructions to set up your HP Printer:

Hardware Setup

  • Before you start the 123 HP wireless printer setup & installation, gather all the necessary information about your wireless network such as Network Name (SSID), and Security Key.
  • Connect your computer system to the network with wither a wired or wireless connection.
  • Turn on your wireless router, printer, and the computer.
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Connecting the wireless printer to the network

Connect the wireless printer to the wireless network using the Wireless Setup Wizard. To know how to connect to the setup wizard, follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to the ‘Wireless’ icon under the ‘Printer Control Panel’ and then press ‘-‘ icon next to the settings.
  • Now, scroll down to select the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ and then press OK.
  • The wireless setup wizard will show you the list of an available wireless networks around you.
  • Select your wireless network and enter the wireless security key when prompted.
  • Now, press OK and your printer will attempt to connect to your wireless network.

Your HP wireless printer is connected to the wireless network. Now, you need to download the printer drivers for your HP wireless printer. Your printer will not work properly until you download the driver. To download the drivers, follow the below-given instructions:

  1. Go to the ‘123 HP wireless printer setup & install’ website.
  2. Enter the model number of your printer into the search bar.
  3. Now, download the driver of your printer.
  4. Run the installation driver and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your HP wireless printer.

Now that you have completed the installation, you can use your wireless printer to print your documents. You can use any wireless device which is connected to the network with the printer. We hope that this article helped you to resolve your query “123 HP wireless printer setup & install”. For any queries, contact our technical experts on their toll-free no. or do a live chat through an online chat window.